How We Treat Our Clients

Our practice is built on a foundation of professionalism, mutual respect and confidentiality. We believe in the importance of the relationship between client and therapist, and strive to promote an atmosphere that is judgement free, safe, supportive and respectful.

What Makes Us Different

Prismatic Counseling will meet you where you are at, whether that’s beginning of your journey, or years into the process. We believe that therapy doesn’t have to be a chore, and believe in the power of humor and laughter. We strive to foster a space where you will want to show up and put the work in, because it won’t feel like work.


Prismatic Counseling understands that life isn’t always simple.  We are here to help support you through whatever is complicating yours.  Whether life has thrown you an unexpected curveball or you have decided now is the time to work on some of those personal growth goals, Prismatic Counseling is here for you. We believe all people have the capacity to change, and we are here to support you while making changes.  Approaching change from a person-centered place of respect, Prismatic Counseling strives to tailor each therapeutic approach to the individual client and their needs.

Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Black, LCSW

Shannon Poe, DSW, LCSW

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Prismatic Counseling welcomes clients of all genders, races, sexualities, sexual orientations, and experiences.  We strive to foster a space where individuals can be true to themselves and work on the barriers to their happiness.